Paul O'Neill used webcams to direct child abuse in Philippines

A former teacher has admitted paying men to abuse children as young as four in the Philippines while he directed and watched from elsewhere online.

Paul O’Neill, 57, from Nottinghamshire, preyed on poverty-stricken families, paying £6,000 to people who procured children to be abused.

He admitted three counts of rape and a further 27 sexual offences at Nottingham Crown Court.

The CPS said the virtual rape case was thought to be the first of its kind.

He is due to be sentenced later.

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The court heard that O’Neill used chatlogs to instruct adult abusers in the Philippines.

The married father paid thousands of pounds over several years to arrange abuse to satisfy his “fetishes” with child abuse, virginity and incest, the court heard.

Prosecutor James Varley told the court: “Mr O’Neill, a retired teacher, a bastion of the local church community and a Sunday school teacher, appeared to be a wholesome married father of two.

“In fact, he had a dark side to him which he kept concealed – he was obsessed with the sexual exploitation of pre-pubescent girls … and enjoyed the sexual abuse and degradation of young girls.”

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